I Am A Bob Dormer Fanboy. By David Gaines

            OK, I admit it. I am a Bob Dormer fanboy.  I know that confession just cost me a fortune in cool-points, but if I were interested in maintaining my dignity, I  could just say, “I have the highest regard for Bob Dormer’s exemplary musicianship, yada, yada, yada, yawn . . . “ But that would not be the honest truth. The honest truth is that I am a pathetic puppy-dog fanboy of the Where’s Pete guitarist. But that’s OK – because you are, too.

Fanboys and groupies! I’ve seen you at the gigs, when Bob takes off on his solo in American Girl, you think the song is about you. (Well, you are a girl and you’re probably from America.) When he is shredding his way through our Bon Jovi medley, you think you’re living on a prayer.

There are some really great things about playing in a band that may not be obvious to someone who is in the crowd. One of the best things about playing in a band of really good musicians is that you get to enjoy the playing and singing from the best seat in the house. What’s more, you feed off what you are hearing. With Bob, it’s not just the screaming rock solos, it could be a tasty little groove in an R&B favorite, a reggae bounce, or a sophisticated jazz improvisation. When the band hears these things from each other, it makes us play better, with more energy, and less inhibition. Now if we could just get Ray to keep all of his clothes on, we will have accomplished something.

If you don’t know what I’m rambling about, you haven’t come to hear the band. Check us out! Bring something for Bob Dormer to autograph. He might even sign for free.