Jeff and Karen

Mr. and Mrs Jeff & Karen Mueller, Married August 23, 2014- Reception Venue: William Penn Inn Gwynned, PA- “Very much enjoyed the show Where’s Pete put on for our wedding. Miles Adams–the band’s manager and drummer–was our primary point of contact for setting the agenda for the night and hashing out First Dance songs, Father-Daughter songs, Mother-Son songs. Miles was very receptive to our song requests, while offering his insight into how to set the timeline based on his years of experience as both a band-member and Master of Ceremonies. The musical team who comprise Where’s Pete project both professionalism & enthusiasm, while also possessing the musical chops to make your night memorable. I would highly recommend couples / parents who are ‘on-the-fence’ regarding selection of a wedding band to choose Where’s Pete. As the groom, I was very satisfied with the musical portion of the evening and a similar sentiment was echoed by numerous guests.”