Bucks Jam 2014

Here’s one to kick things off, about the Bucks Jam:

You never know what to expect with a Where’s Pete gig. We’re all experienced players who’ve played in a lot of unique situations. But I wonder if any of us ever played before an audience of Boy’s Scouts before May 17, when the band (featuring the fabulous Killa Hornz) hit the stage of the Bucks Jam in Wrightstown, PA. This is an amazing event at which scouts and their families camp out in tents and take in entertainment, programs, religious services … you name it.
So, like I said, who knew what to expect? Would they like us? Be bored? In true Spinal Tap style (anyone remember in the movie This is Spinal Tap, the sign that read “Puppet Show and Spinal Tap”?), we followed an excellent magician, Matt Cadabra, onstage. Prior to our set, the band played a few musical “hits” for a couple of scoutmasters doing a skit as David Letterman and Paul Shaeffer.
Kicking in to our own set, it was clear from the start that the scouts and their family members were really digging what we were doing. Every song got a bigger reception than the one before us. Of course, the boys were instantly fond of our lovely and amazing singer Christina Triglia, but they got into what everyone on the stage was doing. Ray Love Jones had them in the palm of his hand with his vocals and moves on Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” and current hits like “Can’t Hold Us.” They loved every blazing Bob Dormer guitar lick, the slamming drums of Miles Adams, the nimble keyboard stylings of Jimmy Fingers, and of course the horn lines of Jim Furlow and David Gaines. They seemed to enjoy my patented “rock star” jumps too.
By the end of the night, even though the sky was dark, they were still with us—they treated us like rock stars! And as we fist-bumped and shook hands with the very enthusiastic scouts, I don’t think there was one person on that stage, myself included, who didn’t hope we could come back next year for this very memorable gig.